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This is an ugly but hopefully informative carrd on 188

Novel: 娘娘腔

(Tl: Sissy)

Name: 邵群 (Shao Qun)

Height: 188 cm
Date of Birth: April 11
Age: 27
Zodiac: Aries

Occupation: Chairman of a Venture Capital Company

Personality: Seems to be an elegant young master, on the inside he is violent, a philanderer, conceited, and does not take others into consideration

Fandom Nicknames:
- 团长 (Tuan Zhang, "Club President", meaning he's the most scum of 188 ;D ) (Acknowledged Fanon)
- 大鹅 (Da E, literal translation is "big goose". People say it's because he acts like an angry duck) (Fanmade)

Name: 李程秀 (Li Chengxiu)

Height: 177 cm
Date of Birth: June 29
Age: 29
Zodiac: Cancer

Occupation: Chef, Accountant

Personality: Self deprecative, kind, attentive, seems soft and weak but is very emotionally strong

Fandom Nicknames:
- 秀秀 (Xiuxiu)


-Schoolyard bullying
-Sexual Harassment from unnamed person as a minor
-Unconsensual baby creating

Personal Notes: Shao Qun, despite being the most scum, is the mascot of the 188 series... He's the type of character that the fans will beat up while secretly loving lolol... After all. his is the president, and the first gong of 188. Of course he has a lot of popularity.
He's trying really hard to be a good husband, and he's always always been a great older brother.

Novel: 一醉经年

(Tl: Years of Intoxication)

Name: 宋居寒 (Song Juhan)

Height: 188 cm
Date of Birth: December 5
Age: 26
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Occupation: Singer, Top producer

Personality: A philanderer, fickle, tyrannical, impulsive

Fandom Nicknames:
- 副团长 (Fu Tuan Zhang, "Vice Club President", meaning he's the 2nd most scum of 188 ;D ) (Acknowledged Fanon)
- 宋天王 (Song Tianwang, "Tianwang" means "emperor", and is also used for popular and talented singers that changed the music industry) (Canon)
-宋核桃 (Song Hetao, "Hetao" means "walnuts", this is a reference to a scene in the novel) (Fanmade)

Name: 何故 (He Gu)

Height: 183 cm
Date of Birth: January 8
Age: 28
Zodiac: Capricorn

Occupation: High level structural engineer, Real Estate Company Associate

Personality: Rigid, serious, stubborn, not good at socializing

Fandom Nicknames:
-咕咕 (Gugu, a play on his name and is the sound of birds) (Fanmade)


-Fwb (sort of) at the beginning

Moral of story: Do Not fall in love with celebrities.
I love this because of the unrequited love that makes He Gu put himself through suffering. I like angst. One of my favourite 188 novels, why? Angst. (It's not actually that angsty I just love seeing He Gu torture himself in the beginning)

Novel: 谁把谁当真

(Tl: Who Takes Who Seriously)

Name: 赵锦辛 (Zhao Jinxin)

Height: 188 cm
Date of Birth: December 20
Age: 23
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Occupation: Chinese Branch Executive CEO of Foreign Trade Group

Personality: A philanderer, coquettish/acts spoiled, ruthless, fickle

Fandom Nicknames:
- Leon (English name)
- 表妹 (Biaomei, this is just because.. he's very feminine) (Fanmade)
- 甜辛 (Tianxin, a play on "Jinxin", essentially "sweetie") (Fanmade)
- 羊 (Yang, "sheep". THIS IS NOT A NICKNAME, but you can find tons of fanart and memes depicting him as a sheep, or with a sheep. This is because the sheep is very prominent in Zhao Jinxin's story) (Canon?)
- 北美炮王 (Beimei Paowang, essentially "Sex King of North America". Basically, straight up calling him a whore) (Canon)
- 人间行走马赛克 (Renjian Xingzhou Masaike, "the world's walking mosaic", mosaic is used for censorship, so these refers to how horny he is all the time, I think he was called this in canon once?) (Canon?)
- 43 (...Yup)

Name: 黎朔 (Li Shuo)

Height: 183 cm
Date of Birth: September 27
Age: 34
Zodiac: Libra

Occupation: Auditor, Accounting Firm Associate

Personality: Honorable, mature, gentleman, gentle, considerate, lenient, has good principles

Fandom Nicknames:
- Lambert (English name)
- 黎叔叔 (Li Shushu, this is what Zhao Jinxin usually calls him) (Canon)
- 黎大哥 (Li Da-ge, this is what Wen Xiaohui and Li Chengxiu often call him) (Canon)


-One-sided fake relationship at first
-11 year age gap

Personal Notes: My son!!! (Zhao Jinxin) How can I resist him, he's adorable. The sheep aesthetics!!! The pink!!! There's literally nothing to like about him, yet I love him so much. Am defenseless against his sajiao... and his crying in the audio drama...
Also one of my favourite novels in this series!! I've reread it so many times ah.
...This is the only ship where the ship name isn't their names. It's 妹叔 (meishu), which means sister/uncle. ALSO THE ONLY SHIP THAT GOT MARRIED ON SCREEN.
Also I'm so sorry for putting so much for Jinxin's nicknames, I spend too much time browsing his fan content

Novel: 附加遗产

(Tl: Additional Inheritance)

Name: 洛羿 (Luo Yi)

Height: 188 cm
Date of Birth: November 20
Age: 20
Zodiac: Scorpio

Occupation: Student, Founder of an investment company

Personality: Unfeeling, dangerous, great at acting, lacking in emotion

Fandom Nicknames:
- 大佬 (Da Lao, slang for someone who is very rich, influential, and overpowered in all aspects, and sort of... Boss gangster???) (Fanmade)
- 亿万富翁 (Yi Wan Fuweng, a term for "billionaire". A literal translation would be "A person whose net worth exceeds a trillion". That's an exaggeration though, it's just used to refers to really rich people.) (Canon only in Audio Drama)
- 奥斯卡影帝 (Aosika Yingdi. Aosika is just the Chinese word for "Oscar", as in the actors award. Yingdi translates to "the Emperor of Actors", something commonly used to refer to extremely good actors) (Fanmade)

Name: 温小辉 (Wen Xiaohui)

Height: 176 cm
Date of Birth: June 15
Age: 24
Zodiac: Gemini

Occupation: Designer, Make-up Master

Personality: Trendy, loves beauty, vicious tongue, warm and confident

Fandom Nicknames:
- 小灰鸽 (Xiao Hui Ge, a pun of "Xiaohui-ge", means "little grey pigeon") (Fanmade)


-Adopted uncle/nephew
-Mentions of suicide (minor characters)
-One-sided fake relationship at first
-ML starts off 15. No sexual until 18

Personal Notes: Luo Yi is my favourite 188 character, ever. The plot is absolutely amazing. Luo Yi's not scum. I swear. Just a psychopath.

While other gongs would all regret the bad things they did that made the shou hate them, I believe Luo Yi does not. He would do it again, because love is not his top priority, his goal is. And I love that. Also just... by the end of the novel, all the fake flawless acting he can do to hide his psychopathic self away, just to make Xiaohui happy... Luo Yi is just so well written.
Also Wen Xiaohui badass pretty boy

Novel: 你却爱着一个傻逼

(Tl: Yet You're In Love With An Idiot)

Name: 李玉 (Li Yu)

Height: 188 cm
Date of Birth: January 23
Age: 21
Zodiac: Aquarius

Occupation: Student, Founder of a Private Equity Fund

Personality: Arrogant and cold, stubborn, a model student that never steps out of line. Underneath the surface is a decisive brutality that not even he was aware of.

Fandom Nicknames:
- 玉玉(Yuyu, Jian Suiying called him this once in a letter) (Canon)
- 绝望主妇/豪门怨妇 (Juewang Zhufu/Haomen Yuanfu. Both of these refer to sad rich wives who do nothing but sadly await for their (often cheating) husbands to come home. Li Yu acts like one.) (Fanmade)

Name: 简隋英 (Jian Suiying)

Height: 184 cm
Date of Birth: August 12
Age: 28
Zodiac: Leo

Occupation: Chairman of a Real Estate Company

Personality: Headstrong, haughty, vicious tongue, stubborn yet soft-hearted, unyielding

Fandom Nicknames:
- 简大 (Jian Da, because he's the eldest son)
- 简哥 (Jian-ge, this is what Li Yu usually calls him) (Canon)


-Rape (from gong)
-Sexual harassment (from shou)
-Sexual harassment from shou starts when gong is a high schooler PLEASE be warned
-Non-consensual Incest
-He has a sugar baby
-Stop sending each other to the hospital pls

This novel gives me complicated feelings. Great character dynamics, but... the book itself... It's a contest to see who can be more of a terrible person. (Tries to noncon each other)

If you insult Li Yu don't be shy meet me in my DMs we can talk :D

This ship is the most popular 188 ship, Jian Suiying is also the most popular 188 shou, and this is the only novel where in canon, the gong/shou positions have reversed.

Novel: 小白杨

(Tl: Little White Poplar)

*Tl Note: There is a Chinese Military song by this name, which sings of a little white popular tree guarding 北疆 (Dzungaria). This is also the setting of the story, with themes that match the lyrics, and the poplar tree is mentioned a few times.

Name: 俞风城 (Yu Fengcheng)

Height: 189 cm (later 188 cm)
Date of Birth: February 28
Age: 21
Zodiac: Pisces

Occupation: Special Forces

Personality: Internally twisted, headstrong, responsible, fearless

Fandom Nicknames:
- 小鱼 (Xiao-yu, "little fish". This is a pun of his name, and is his code name in the Special Forces) (Canon)
- 俞猪 (Yu Zhu, Zhu means "pig". This is because Bai Xinyu once named a pig after Yu Fengcheng) (Fanmade)

Name: 白新羽 (Bai Xinyu)

Height: 182 cm
Date of Birth: March 26
Age: 23
Zodiac: Aries

Occupation: Former Special Forces, Bodyguard Company Associate

Personality: Sanguine, cute and energetic, coquettish/acts spoiled, has righteous ardour, responsible

Fandom Nicknames:
- 小白 (Xiao-Bai)
- 公主 (Gongzhu, "princess". This was a nickname given to him by a senior, which later became his codename in the Special Forces) (Canon)


-Incest is referenced, no real incest
-Military setting
-Psychological torture as training
-Deaths of minor/unnamed characters. Because war
-霍乔 needs a warning. Love him tho

Personal Notes: Forget romance. Forget the 渣男 plot this is supposed to have as part of 188. This is the sexiest, sexiest, story I have ever read. The military setting. The training. The side characters (陈靖 be my mom I love you). THE SHOU'S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Mwah. Love this story. This is the best book I've ever read.
At least it would be, if it wasn't for the later half of the book. Now I'm disappointed. Bai Xinyu could've been my favourite shou of 188, but he ruined it. Bitch, I was rooting for you. You're overreacting, really. (Extremely personal opinons here)
...Actually I can't blame it all on him. Blame it on the author for making me remember this is a 渣男 novel, and not a sexy military novel.

Also it seems the older fandom used to use pink for Bai Xinyu, but now I mostly see green,,,

Really, this could've been one of my all-time fav novels if not for the later half

In every 188 novel, even if I don't want to see them break up, I know the break up is inevitable. It needs to happen for the sake of plot, or for the gong to change. Not this, this break up was so unwarranted.

IMPORTANT the official profiles says ages 21 and 23. They are not 2 years apart. They are 4. This is due to the fact that the official profile of Bai Xinyu refers to him at the start of military training, while Yu Fengcheng's refers to him AFTER Bai Xinyu's military training.

Novel: 针锋对决

(Tl: Summit Dueling)

Name: 原炀 (Yuan Yang)

Height: 189 cm (later 188 cm)
Date of Birth: July 26
Age: 22
Zodiac: Leo

Occupation: President of a Comprehensive Investment Company, Associate

Personality: Tyrannical and headstrong, self-centered and impulsive, persistent, loyal dog

Fandom Nicknames:
-小狼狗 (Xiao Langgou, "little wolfdog". Gu Qingpei often compares Yuan Yang to one, due to his dog like behavior. "Langgou" in internet slang also refers to a young man with a large aura, perhaps violent, but can give you a sense of security) (Canon)

Name: 顾青裴 (Gu Qingpei)

Height: 182 cm
Date of Birth: November 4
Age: 32
Zodiac: Scorpio

Occupation: President of an Investment Company

Personality: Smart, internally twisted, silver tongued, career oriented

Fandom Nicknames:
- 顾天仙 (Gu Tianxian, "tianxian" means "deity/celestial being". He was at some point compared to one I don't remember T_T srry) (Canon)
- 狐狸 (Huli, "fox". This isn't much of a nickname, just something fans will depict him as, due to his sly nature)


-Unconsesual drug use
-Unconsensual porn filming
-11 year age gap

Personal Notes: For years, Yuan Yang was known as the least scum. There's a saying "原炀靠爹进188" meaning Yuan Yang only entered 188 because of his father. While all the other shous eventually broke up with the gong because they either found out about something bad the gong did before, or could not forgive an action done by the gong, Gu Qingpei never got mad at Yuan Yang. If the "thing he did" was outed just between the 2 of them, forgiveness would've come quick. Rather, it really is all Yuan Yang's father's fault that they broke up.
While reading this, I strongly thought "oh god I know something is going to happen to set off the 追妻, but noooo I like you guys being happy together ಥ_ಥ" Even though I don't ship it much. Probably just because this was my last 188 and I was getting so goddamn tired of 追妻

Yuan Yang is good really I feel bad for him.

Novel: 职业替身

(Tl: Professional Substitute)

Name: 晏明修 (Yan Mingxiu)

Height: 188 cm
Date of Birth: September 6
Age: 24
Zodiac: Virgo

Occupation: Actor, President of a Mechanized Heavy Industry Company

Personality: Haughty, selfish, lacking in patience, stubborn and persistent towards things he has decided upon.

Fandom Nicknames:
-晏美人 (Yan Meiren, "meiren" means "beautiful person". This is because he is officially recognized to be the best looking in 188) (Acknowledged?)
-晏瞎子 (Yan Xiazi, "xiazi" refers to a person who is blind. This is a joke. He's not blind. You'll get it) (Fanmade)

Name: 周翔 (Zhou Xiang)

Height: 181 cm
Date of Birth: October 20
Age: 29
Zodiac: Libra

Occupation: Actor, Martial Arts Body Double, Martial Arts Instructor

Personality: Gentle and generous, optimistic and open-hearted, mature and considerate

Fandom Nicknames:
- 翔哥 (Xiang-ge, this is what Yan Mingxiu usually calls him) (Canon)


-Major character death, because reincarnation
-Sugar daddy/baby dynamics in modern timeline but daddy is younger
-Implied depression/suicidal thoughts if you squint really hard (gong)

Personal Notes: Yan Mingxiu is my son, and I will personally fight everyone that shits on him. He's definitely done terrible things, he's fucking stupid from beginning to end, and I have nothing to say in favour of him.
Yet, in my opinion and also many others, he's suffered the most retribution for what he's done. I can look at him and say "That's enough, Yan Mingxiu has suffered enough". I am neither ignoring what he's done to Zhou Xiang or the irreparable damage done to Zhou Xiang, I'm simply saying on Yan Mingxiu's side, he's suffered enough. I hope he gets to live a happy life with Zhou Xiang from now on.


Novel: 灰大叔与混血王子/老婆孩子热坑头

(Tl: Grey Uncle And The Half-Blood Prince/Wife And Children Heating Kang Stove)

*Tl Note: A Kang is what was used in Ancient China as a platform for anything from playing to sleeping, as it is a stove that can keep warm. The phrase "Wife And Children Heating Kang Stove" is referring to a happy and warm family

Name: 周谨行 (Zhou Jinxing)

Height: 190 cm (later 188 cm)
Date of Birth: March 12
Age: 26
Zodiac: Pisces

Occupation: Successor of Hongyun Capital

Personality: Internally twisted, sinister, steadfast, brutal, goal oriented, wolf in sheep's clothing

Fandom Nicknames:
-橘猫 (Ju Mao, "orange cat". This is mostly a meme that went viral, in which someone redrew a very internet popular sad orange cat known as "猫日" as Zhou Jinxin) (Fandom)

Name: 丁小伟 (Ding Xiaowei)

Height: 181 cm
Date of Birth: May 6
Age: 33
Zodiac: Taurus

Occupation: Taxi driver, Boss of a Logistics Company

Personality: Unbending straight male, opportunist, honest, warm-hearted and kind, easily becomes soft-hearted

Fandom Nicknames:
- 丁哥 (Ding-ge, this is what Zhou Jinxing calls him) (Canon)


-One-sided fake relationship at first

Personal Notes: I really... don't have much to say about this one. Uhhh Zhou Jinxin is described to have black hair in the novel idk why he's ginger now.
Just look at Zhou Jinxing. Look at him. That is the face of a cheating man, a person who will show up out of nowhere with a mistress, a man who will have 3 wives with all of them thinking they're the only one.
Why is Ding Xiaowei so tanned. You drive cars all day. That's it.
I actually really wanted this couple to get back together faster. Not because I like either of them or ship it, but the daughter deserves her male momma

Why do I not remember Ding Xiaowei having anything to do with a Logistics Company ever

Novel: 火焰戎装

Name: 宫应弦 (Gong Yingxian)

Height: 188 cm
Date of Birth: August 26
Age: 24
Zodiac: Virgo

Occupation: Criminal Investigation Police, Chemistry Professor

Personality: Tsundere, vicious tongue, mysophobic

Fandom Nicknames:
- 小十 (Xiao Shi, "little ten", as he is the 10th gong in the 188 series) (Acknowledged)
- 大小姐 (Da Xiao Jie, Young Mistress, a nickname that was said by Ren Yi for being too dainty) (Canon)

Name: 任燚 (Ren Yi)

Height: 184 cm
Date of Birth: April 26
Age: 30
Zodiac: Taurus

Occupation: Captain of a Special Services Firefighting Squadron

Personality: Heroic, honorable, sanguine, handsome

Fandom Nicknames:
- 四火 (Si Huo, "Four Fires" because the "Yi" character in his name has 4 fires in it. His coworkers sometimes call him this.) (Canon)


-Heavy mentions and depictions of PTSD from fire (gong)

(from the shou this time. No one in canon or in fandom seems to consider it as such but it made me very ://)

-Deaths of minor/unnamed characters
-Policeman x Fireman

Personal Notes: Gong Yingxian is recognized by both the fandom AND the author as not zha at all. Or at least, the least zha. He just has trouble communicating!!! He's a good boy I swear. He has a snake. Baby boy.

...And because he's not zha, this novel is the longest of all, with over 200 chapters and it took 100 entire chapters for them to fuck. Song Juhan fucked in ch1. Smh.
This novel actually has plot, and not just 渣男 romance.

This is where the formatting starts to get really bad if you're on mobile, sorry


*This only contains the 20 characters. Do refer to that chart for a complete version. This contains both canon and fanmade








They aren't friends they just know each other, Beijing rich kids circle


Referred by fandom as 闺蜜组 (Girl Friend Squad)

娱乐圈姐妹花 (Entertainment circle flower sisters)

They are acquaintances in canon but the name is 100% fanmade

贵妇团 (Rich Wives Squad)


Work Acquaintances



Levels of Infidelity



Zhou Jinxing

Non-virgin, has sex with others during breakup periods/before getting together

Virgin, has sex with others during breakup period



It's debatable, Song Juhan. Did he sleep around a lot while with He Gu? Yes. But He Gu knew about it, and in that time they were also more of "Friends with Benefits" rather than a couple. Up for you to decide.

...Zhou Jinxing... does not have sex with anyone else while he's with Ding Xiaowei. You can't call him a non-cheater though...

Li Shuo tried to have sex with another person during breakup period, he just never went through with it

In Which I Try To Come Up With A Reading Order

The "groups" are novels in which the characters show up in each other's novels

Group A

In order of release:
娘娘腔 (2010)
附加遗产 (2015)
谁把谁当真 (2016)

In chronological order:

For Group A, I reccomend reading it in order of release. Otherwise you may be very confused, as the plots are quite heavily intertwined. Post-canon characters from 灰大叔与混血王子 (2011) appear in 谁把谁当真

Group B

In order of release + chronological:
你却爱着一个傻逼 (2011)
小白杨 (2014)

For Group B, although the characters are referenced a lot in each other's novels like Group A, you don't neccessarily need to read them in order. Post-canon characters from 娘娘腔 appear in 你却爱着一个傻逼

Group C

In order of release:
职业替身 (2012)
针锋对决 (2012)
一醉经年 (2015)

In chronological order:

The characters and plots in Group C are less connected than in Group A, so reading order isn't important. Essentially 职业替身 and 针锋对决 have nothing to do with each other, but they both appear as side characters in 一醉经年.

In 火焰戎装 (2019), post-canon characters from 一醉经年 make appearances, and 职业替身 characters are briefly mentioned

This Is Mostly Just For The People In The 188 Server haha

This is just to gather all these links in one place so it's easier for us to find~

Lizonka's TL for 一醉经年 (Years of Intoxication):

Pucari's TL for 娘娘腔 (Sissy):

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Towel's 188 relationship chart:

188 gong fansong with Eng Sub:

Tier List if you want to play around: